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    Hydraulic tail Lift, Wing opening system, Hydraulic Support Leg and closed vehicle cover Frequent failure as well as troubleshooting method

    Serial numberFailure phenomenonPossible reasonsSolution
    1There is no response Fuse failureOpen the electric box to find the socket, replace the fuse
    2No lifting and closing1、Battery power shortage
    1、Charge the battery
    2、Battery wire connector
    2、Check the wiring of the battery , and re connect firmly
    3、The contactor is burned out
    3、Replace contactor
    3The motor is still working if press the stop buttonContactor contact sinteringPlease cut off the power switch, repair the contact of the contactor or replace the contactor.
    4The oil spill1、Joint loosening
    1、Tightening joint
    2、Seal damage2、Replace seal pad


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